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Welcome!   to the Lunar Science Link List, a compendium of information and links about the scientific exploration of the Moon, and especially the rich and ongoing legacy of the 382 kg (840 pounds) of Apollo rock and soil samples.










      Resources: Useful Links


Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) Resources

Apollo Image Catalog


Basaltic Volcanism on the Terrestrial Planets (1981)


LPIÕs Clementine Slide Set


Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century (1985)


Lunar Sourcebook: A User's Guide to the Moon (1991)


Wide selection of Lunar Maps


Lunar Orbiter Photo-Atlas (1966-67)


Origin of the Moon (1986)


Ranger Photographs (1964-65)





Lunar Sample Compendium

NASA-JSC Lunar Sample Compendium





Apollo Sample Catalogs 

 Apollo 11


 Apollo 12 


 Apollo 14


 Apollo 15-A


 Apollo 15-B


 Apollo 15-C


 Apollo 16-A


 Apollo 16-B


 Apollo 16-C


 Apollo 17-A


 Apollo 17-B


 Apollo 17-C


 Apollo 17-D





Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

ALSJ Home Page (tons of good stuff and links!)


The related Apollo Image Gallery


   and Project Apollo Archive





Apollo thin section photos

Wilshire-Phinney Apollo thin section photos


And a few more (from the Educational Set)





Wilhelms (1987)

Wilhelms (1987) The Geologic History of the Moon





NASA map of the Moon

NASA Lunar Chart (1979)





Planetary Science Research Discoveries

PSRD Home Page

Moon articles

PSRD Moon articles

Specific Moon articles



Finding basalt chips from distant maria (2006)


Gamma rays, meteorites, lunar samples, and the composition of the Moon (2005)


Composition of the Moon's crust (2004)


New lunar meteorite provides its lunar address and some clues about early bombardment of the Moon (2004)


Lunar crater rays point to a new lunar time scale (2004)


The oldest Moon rocks (2004)


New mineral proves an old idea about space weathering (2004)


The Moon's dark, icy poles (2003)


Hafnium, tungsten, and the differentiation of the Moon and Mars (2003)


The Moon beyond 2002 (2002)


Uranus, Neptune, and the late heavy bombardment (2001)


Lunar meteorites and the lunar cataclysm (2001)


Recipe for high-titanium lunar magmas (2000)


Mining the Moon, Mars and asteroids (2000)


A new Moon for the 21st century (2000)


The surprising lunar maria (2000)


The Moon's very small core (1999)


Origin of the Earth and Moon (1998)


The biggest hole in the solar system (1998)


Moonbeams and elements (1997)


Explosive volcanic eruptions on the Moon (1997)


Ice on the Moon (1996)





Lunar Meteorites

Randy KorotevÕs lunar meteorite page


Randy KorotevÕs (2005) lunaite review article


JSC (K. Righter) Lunar Meteorite Compendium





Miscellaneous NASA sites/docs

NASA-JSC Sample CuratorÕs site (with links to CAPTEM for Apollo samples, MWG for meteorites)


Lunar Atlas (list of features, sizes, coordinates)


Chariots for Apollo: A History of Manned Lunar Spacecraft (1979)





USGS Apollo Mission Professional Papers 

 Apollo 14

 (only published for 3 of the

 Apollo 16

 6 landed missions)

 Apollo 17





Other USGS stuff

USGS Planetary Digital Mapping Moon page


USGS Historical Lunar Data Archive


USGS Lunar Pyroclastic Volcanism Project


USGS Clementine Images


USGS Clementine Near-Infrared Global Multispectral Lunar Map


Wilhelms (1987) The Geologic History of the Moon






Spudis Lunar Resources.com


Paul SpudisÕs op-ed page


Mark RobinsonÕs ASU Moon page


2006 NRC report on The Scientific Context for Exploration of the Moon








      Resources: Mission Links


Clementine (1994)

NRL Clementine Lunar Image Browser home page


Clementine Lunar Image Browser feature finder page


LPIÕs Clementine Slide Set


NSSDC Clementine home page


USGS Clementine Images


USGS Clementine Near-Infrared Global Multispectral Lunar Map





Lunar Prospector (1997)

NASA-Ames Lunar Prospector home page


Los Alamos Lunar Prospector spectrometers page


NSSDC Lunar Prospector home page





LRO & LCROSS (2009)

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission home page


NASAÕs precis of the LRO mission


The LCROSS mission







EuropeÕs ESA

SMART-1 (2004) mission home page


NASAÕs precis of the SMART-1 mission






ISAS home page


JAXA home page


SELENE/Kaguya (2007) mission home page


NASAÕs precis of the SELENE mission





ChinaÕs CLEP

CLEP home page


NASAÕs precis of the Change-1 (2007) mission





IndiaÕs ISRO

Chandrayaan-1 (2008) mission home page


another Chandrayaan-1 (2008) mission page


NASAÕs role in the Chandrayaan-1 mission