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Paul Warren, Bessie Fong Warren, and Kien Warren


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Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, UCLA

Selected Recent Publications

Warren et al. (2014, in press, GCA) NWA 5738: Multistage metasomatism in an extraordinarily evolved eucrite 

     Warren et al. (2014, in press, GCA) NWA 5738 ...   Electronic Annex

Dauphas et al. (2014, in press, Ph. Tr. Roy. Soc.) Geochemical arguments for an Earth-like Moon-forming impactor 

Warren and Taylor (2014, in Treatise on Geochemistry) The Moon  

Warren et al. (2013, GCANorthwest Africa 6693, a new type of FeO-rich poikilitic cumulate achondrite  

     Warren et al. (2013, GCANorthwest Africa 6693 ...   Electronic Annex

Schlichting et al. (2012, Ap. J.The last stages of terrestrial planet formation and the late veneer

Warren (2012, MPS) Parent body depth-pressure-temperature relationships and the style of the ureilite anatexis  

Warren (2011, GCAStable isotopes and the noncarbonaceous derivation of ureilites

Warren (2011, EPSLStable-isotopes: carbonaceous chondrites subordinate in Earth and Mars

Greenwood et al. (2011, Nature Geosci.Hydrogen isotope ratios in lunar rocks

Warren (2011, MPSEjecta-megaregolith accumulation on planetesimals and large asteroids

Warren and Rubin (2010, GCA) Pyroxene-selective impact smelting in ureilites

     Warren and Rubin (2010, GCAPyroxene-selective impact smelting in ureilites: Electronic Annex

Warren et al. (2009, GCAMixing of the HED meteorites

     Warren et al. (2009, GCA) Mixing of the HED meteorites: Electronic Annex

Warren (2008, GCA) Lunar rock rain

Warren (2008, GCA) Depleted bulk-Earth Nd/Sm as possible result of planetesimal explosive volcanism

     Warren (2008, GCA) Depleted bulk-Earth Nd/Sm as possibe result ...   Electronic Annex

Warren et al. (2006, GCA) Siderophile geochemistry of ureilites

Warren and Huber (2006, MPS) Ureilite petrogenesis and catastrophic disruption

Warren et al. (2006, MPS) Alkali-feldspathic material in a monomict ureilite

Bridges and Warren (2006, JGS) SNC meteorites and basaltic volcanism on Mars

Warren (2005, MPS) The bulk composition of the Moon

Warren et al. (2005, MPS) “New” lunar meteorites

Warren et al. (2004, GCA) Los Angeles, a tale of two stones

Warren (2003, in Treatise on Geochemistry) The Moon


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    Paul H. Warren

    Institute of Geophysics, UCLA

    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1567








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